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Let’s Bust The Myths Of Suboxone Treatment

Opioid addiction has become a problems across the world. As per the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration it has been observed that almost 2.1 million are suffering from the opioid addiction in USA only in the year 2016. Such an addiction might end up to having several mental and physical symptoms like dependence, overdose and long term depression.

There are several treatment options available in the market that aids in overcoming opioid addiction. From the many procedures, one of the known treatments is the Suboxone treatment. But just like any high-end renowned things need to face the harsh words of the world, so as Suboxone had to take several myths. These are primely associated with the formulation along with its side effects. While Suboxone addiction is almost negligible but even if some people grow dependency, the Suboxone Treatment Doctors Providence can help in getting rid of them.

Before moving forward, let us have a quick look at Suboxone.

Define Suboxone:

Suboxone is the name of a brand which is a prescription medication aids in alleviating the opioid addiction symptoms along with maintains a soberness among people. This is one of such medications that will help you through the recovery procedure of both the illegal and prescription opioids. 

These mainly constitute of two major ingredients namely the buprenorphine and Naloxone. While the latter aids in reversing the opioid effect, the former helps in blocking the opiate receptor, thereby helping to reduce the cravings. However Naloxone might show some withdrawal symptoms if someone wants to abuse it but the buprenorphine balance its effect.

Some of the most common symptoms include:

  • Anxiety
  • Loss of appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle pains and ache
  • Fatigue

These symptoms can be easily diminished by medical treatment. They help in easing the symptoms and making it comfortable. Now let us check the myths that have been taking down the reputation of this medicine.

MYTH #1 Suboxone is Similar to other Drugs like Heroin

This is one of the most heard statements from the people who have not taken Suboxone. As this is a drug along with a type of opiate, some people believes that it is actually an opiate. This, as a result, compels some patients to believe that they are not under any kind of treatment but they are merely replacing one drug with another.

Suboxone consists of a drug but the effect is too low and therefore has less to no impact on the mental and physical condition. The reason for using is to block the receptors from getting attached to other opioids and keep away from the deadly outcomes.

MYTH #2 Suboxone is Highly Addictive and Most People Make Illicit use of it

As there is a presence of a drug, there are some chances that people might try to abuse it. However, you need to be aware that Suboxone is a diminished opiate and partial agonist, and this means the level of high will never be similar like those of the high-end drugs. Suboxone is highly used in the treatment for suboxone addiction Providence as it aids in reducing opioid dependence and managing the withdrawal symptoms. Moreover, it is not an addiction as it can be easily treated by the doctors. 

MYTH #3 One Can Overdose Using Suboxone

Like the other harm opiate, Suboxone is very hard to get over dosed without the presence of other substances. Being the partial opiate agonist means there are some limitations to what extent the opioid receptor of the brain with react to the Suboxone. Using this medication, no one will be experiencing slowed breathing that causes death. If you find someone getting overdosed on this medicine, this is because they make use of other drug in combination with it.

MYTH #5 One Can Take This Medication for Only a Short Time

Most of the people who do not have knowledge on Suboxone believe that this is an addictive drug and it is best to take for a short time. The only reason behind this is because they believe that taking Suboxone for long time will have huge consequences. Till now, there has been no such medical evidence. People who are using Suboxone are provided under strict medical supervision.

MYTH #6 Suboxone will never make you feel sober as it alters the mood

There are substances which alter the mood; probably everything has the mood alteration ability whether it is a simple energy drink which instantly provide your energy or cigarettes that level up your energy. Suboxone is no way different as when you take it, it might sow some mood alteration. It’s not fair to classify only Suboxone as mood altering drug.

Bottom Line is seeking help from the Suboxone doctors will only help you to get rid of the opioid dependency. Even if some people will say negative things about this treatment, it is always an intelligent idea not to trust them and observe with your own. It will always be profitable if you have anyone who is opioid dependent to get in touch with the approved and licensed doctors for suboxone treatment clinics providence lead a normal life.

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