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Let us Debunk the Myths Related to Suboxone

These days we have been witnessing the rise in epidemic when it comes to opioid misuse. Back in the year 2016, it has been observed that almost 2.1 million people have been an opioid dependent or misusing opioid which comprises of medication for reducing and alleviating pain. However, in case of improper usage of opioid, the medications provided can turn into addiction. In case of abrupt or sudden stopping of opioid usage, it results in terrible withdrawal symptoms along with can give long-term depression.

Fortunately, there are various treatments available that aids in reducing the opioid withdrawal side effects along with overcome the addiction. Suboxone is definitely one of the many names that aids in alleviating addiction. This medication has been formulated with two active ingredients namely Buprenorphine and Naloxone. With Suboxone Treatment Doctors Providence, you can actually find the right treatment as per your body condition. These are the active ingredients, which plays a major role in getting rid of relapsing.

Even when the success rate of this medication is very high some people never miss out on telling bad things about this treatment. However, this is way common for every successful treatment and this is why today we will have a look at the myths and bust the reality for you to understand and face the truth.

Myth 1: Suboxone makes way to other addiction:

People who haven’t heard of the withdrawal symptoms of the prescription medicine or is still not updated with the efficacies of these medications for the opioid withdrawal treatment assumes that this is just another drug. The truth is Suboxone is an FDA approved drug that is used in the medication assisted treatment as it has a lot to do when it comes to treating opioid addiction. The formulation of Suboxone does not pave the path whereas it ensures fast recovery due to its unique formulation.

Myth 2: Suboxone offers similar high as the Heroin addiction:

This is another myth regarding Suboxone. It says that upon taking this medicine, it produces high euphoric effect. However, the truth is Suboxone create the slightest of effect like making the person feeling tired which is quite understandable for any medicine. Even when we have tea or coffee or health drink, we feel energetic. Moreover, people who are under this treatment program has not complaint anything regarding the Suboxone as the physicians like doctors for treatment for Suboxone addiction Providence is always available to ensure the right dosage for fast recovery.

Myth 3: There are higher probabilities of getting overdose on Suboxone:

Since Buprenorphine is one of the active drugs present in the formulation, it is often heard that people can misuse or overdose on Suboxone. The reality is the chances are almost negligible when it is Suboxone, because of its formulation. Buprenorphine is the partial opioid agonist which tends to get attached to the opioid receptors present in our brain cells and Naloxone works on background, which gets active when someone tries to misuse or overdose on Suboxone. The immediate ceiling effect stops the people from using this medication thereby ensure illegal opioid usage.

Myth 4: Suboxone should not be used for a long time:

Well, this is another most impractical myth heard about Suboxone. The truth is there is no fixed time for Suboxone usage. The time of use is totally dependent on your physician and their conclusion after in-depth checking about how your body is reacting. If the physician feels that you require Suboxone for a long time and it will work best for you, you definitely need to do that and in case of short time, they will be prescribing the medicine for you. Staying under medical supervision ensures its efficacy and no other ill effects.

Myth 5: You are not really recovering when you are using Suboxone:

If you are someone in the recovery treatment of Suboxone, it is no surprise that there are some people who will be telling that Suboxone is actually not recovering you but replacing done drug to another. This is due to lack of knowledge about its formulation and treatment. You should always know that this is an FDA approved drug that has been formulated and provided to the individuals in combination with the therapy and counseling. Since this drug has no side effects it has huge success rate as individuals are able to retain in this treatment.

Final Thoughts:

There will be people who are there to provide you with improper information, but if you are in need you require researching on your own to find the truth. Above mentioned are some of the most heard myths about the treatment which you have know by now. Therefore if you need information you can always research on your own or get in touch with the doctors Suboxone treatment centers Providence. They will not only guide you with legal and authorized information but also can provide the ideal treatment for the victims.

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