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Does Insurance or Medicaid Cover the Cost of Suboxone Treatment?


For patients suffering from various types of drugs and substance addiction, the world might be a sad and hopeless place. But suboxone treatment doctors Providence say that there is always a silver lining as the improvement of medical science and associated technologies are granting addiction recovery services that include therapy, counseling, holistic assessment, and medication. One such treatment consists of Suboxone, and it has virtually revolutionized the maintenance medication and treatment in case of opioid addiction. Sublocade doctors near me say that the right therapy, coupled with the suboxone administration, can abolish the drug addiction epidemic shortly. 

What is suboxone medication?

Suboxone doctors near me say that it is a revolutionary medication that combines the use of Buprenorphine and Naloxone and has been found incredibly helpful in opioid use disorder treatment. Buprenorphine is an opioid agonist with a powerful affinity for the opioid receptors in the body and binds with them, thus preventing other illicit opioids from gaining entry. The effects are exceptionally mild and take place over a prolonged duration, thus preventing overdose and an opioid-induced high. There are several generic medications for this.

Do Suboxone clinics test Suboxone?

Suboxone treatment centers Providence

Based on the drug panel used in the testing procedure, Suboxone may or may not be diagnosed or tested for. 

Do you need special care for Suboxone addiction?

Suboxone doctors say that this, combined with Naloxone, a powerful opioid blocker, prevents misuse and restores balance. Treatment for suboxone addiction Providence has witnessed numerous addicted individuals overcome their substance addiction since the reinforcing effects of opioids are much subdued in this case. Yet, the fear of abuse remains, and hence it is best to undergo treatment for suboxone addiction under careful medical supervision. 

Why would it be beneficial to undergo treatment for suboxone addiction, Providence?

Suboxone treatment centers Providence regularly encounter numerous patients. They get admitted to overcome their opioid abuse disorders and get respite from the painful symptoms associated with their opioid withdrawals. Sublocade doctors near me say that Suboxone lessens the amount of time expended during a detoxification procedure. It also controls the cravings, prevents relapse, and helps to stay on course during recovery.

During the likelihood of a relapse, Suboxone mitigates the risk of a life-threatening overdose by blocking the effects of illicit opioids that are meted out in the system. Treatment for Suboxone addiction has gained a lot of popularity because the formulation includes the usage of Buprenorphine. This opioid is easily accessible and poses the least risk of overdose compared to Methadone and other maintenance medications. Sublocade cost is also minimal and therefore was approved by the USFDA as a prime choice for medically-supervised detox. Thus Suboxone was industrially produced as a generic medication as it involved fewer restrictions and minimizes misuse and diversion. 

How to pay for a suboxone treatment program?

Suboxone doctors near me recommend getting admitted to suboxone treatment centers or getting in touch with a specially waived and licensed medical physician who can prescribe and dispense Suboxone. When the treatment for suboxone addiction is medically essential, most insurance companies provide the necessary cover for its usage in cases of opioid disorder treatment with or without prior authorization. These insurance companies include Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Aetna, etc. Along with the aforementioned, Medicaid and Medicare also cover the use of suboxone medication for opioid maintenance treatment.

The sublocade cost usually depends on the type of prescribed drug, its dosage, and the respective insurance coverage. Suboxone doctors say that the cost varies depending on the generic versions of Buprenorphine or the brand specified and its dosage. If there are insurance coverage and approval for suboxone addiction treatment, patients will usually be charged a co-pay according to their prescribed plan. Otherwise, the cost can vary, with a monthly supply of Suboxone priced within 166 and 570 USD, while the generic version costs around 60 to 200 USD. 

What kind of cost assistance can I expect during Suboxone Treatment?

The company that industrially manufactures Suboxone offers cost assistance programs that might partially or entirely cover the sublocade cost, irrespective of private insurance. Suboxone treatment centers Providence testify that the programs provide cost assistance for people who cannot bear the cost of addiction recovery treatment on their own. There is also the option of sliding scale payments, where the expenditure incurred due to the treatment for suboxone addiction Providence is proportionate to the patient’s income slab. The recent past has seen numerous suboxone treatment centers employ sliding scale payments as a part of their addiction recovery programs.  Substance addiction is one of the deadliest epidemics and is costing lives globally. With the right resolve and focus, one can find the ideal treatment programs that will usher them in the path of recovery throughout their lives.

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