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Are Drugs Affecting the Future of the Country?

Addiction is a condition where youngsters or rather any individual always want to take drugs on a daily basis. Sometimes they may take some painkiller drugs without consulting doctors for chronic pain or mild pleasure, which in-turn becomes a habit and in-turn leads to addiction.

Addiction to any substance harms not only that particular individual but also to their near and dear ones. The entire society is concerned as in USA it is observed that death occurred is more among youngsters. The individual is affected in almost every way –

  • Their present way of living is influence badly
  • Future development is hampered
  • Emotional, mental and physical health is at risk

Drug addiction and abuse are two different aspects which a parent should be clear of so that his/her child can get proper treatment for the disease.

Drug abuse means that an individual is taking drugs for his pleasure or to get high.

Addiction is when the individual has become dependent on that drug and has no control of whether, how, or when to use it. Addiction can be physical, psychological or both.

Signs of drug use

You can be assured that your child is addicted to drugs if he behaves differently, or his physical health deteriorates or he has suddenly changed his friends’ circle. Other signs can be –

  • Bad grades in their exams
  • They are hungry frequently
  • Odor of smoke on dresses or from their breath
  • Changes in mood, sleeping pattern, eating
  • Depression or fatigue
  • Physical changes, such as bloodshot eyes, runny nose, frequent sore throats, and rapid weight loss.

Why do teenagers get addicted to drugs?

There are many reasons to be penned down as to why teenagers are easily addicted to these awful habits. Almost in every family both the parents are working and because of their busy schedules they are unable to spend time with their kids. Kids are not able to share their feelings and thoughts with their parents and hence they are drawn towards drugs which give them pleasure.

Also, parent’s intake of alcohol or other drugs may have led the child to experience it. Other reasons may be –

  • Strict family rules/discipline
  • Family conflict
  • Lack of communication between family members and so on

There may be some health issues as well which may have led to these addictions like –

  • Psychological distress
  • Impulsiveness
  • Medical history of an anxiety disorder or disruptive disorder or depression
  • Low family income and so on

As soon as you get to know that your child or any person from your neighborhood is affected from drugs or other opioids, immediately help him to get a treatment done.

There are many clinics in USA where treatments are given to opioid addicted patients for smooth and fast recovery. Providence is a city in Rhode Island which has many clinics with experience doctors who treats opioid addicted patients with treatment for suboxone addiction providence

Effects of drug/opioid addictions

For pain relieving, sometimes opioids proves to be the best medication but it has a host of side effects. If a person is under the influence of opioids he/she might be addicted to it. The level of addiction depends on the time period of using the opioids.

When you are in-taking opioids, your hormones are triggered and the urge to take more of it increases. Your brain feels good and the person is compelled to try more and more to feel the pleasure. The more the dose is repeated, tolerance also increases which leads to addiction.

The short term effects are – nausea, vomiting, dizziness, sedation, dry mouth, headache, drowsiness, itching, respiratory depression, lethargy and so on.

There are also some long term effects observed as well in an individual which are – irregular heart-beat, increased risk of heart attack, severe abdominal pain, weak bones, depression, and constipation and so on.

It is therefore, advisable to consult suboxone treatment doctor’s providence if you find your child associated with opioid addiction. The clinics have experienced doctors ready with his team to help people cope with opioid addiction and withdrawal symptoms as well.

Get treatment done for opioid/drug addiction from suboxone treatment doctor’s providence

USA has experienced and still experiencing death caused to teenagers due to opioid and other drug addictions. Its usage has been increasing day by day and the young generations are falling prey to it. To save lives of these youngsters, it is essential to treat them efficiently and effectively to get rid of drug addiction and lead a normal and healthy life.

Suboxone medication is proved to be very useful when it comes to treating opioid addiction. Most youngsters coping with withdrawal symptoms from drug, substance, and opioid abuse feel better and healthier after using Suboxone as their medication. The health centers, rehab centers, hospitals provide best suboxone treatment doctors Providence who deals with opioid addictions in an efficient way.

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