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A Definitive Comparison between Suboxone and Methadone

According to recent research, a large number of individuals have lately been suffering from opioid addiction, which if not addressed immediately can pave way for many life-threatening consequences. While talk therapies seem much viable but Suboxone and Methadone tends to generate desirable outcome within a very short period. In this particular write-up, I have tried to compare between these two generic medications readily available in brick-and-mortar stores as well as online pharmacies.

  • Renowned suboxone treatment doctors providence conducted comprehensive research and found out that while Methadone is a complete opioid agonist, Suboxone is a partial one. In other words, former is much stronger than latter. Now isn’t that simply amazing?

  • Methadone is generally consumed by patients in a clinical setting under strict supervision of a healthcare specialist whereas Suboxone can be taken without hassle at home. It does not have to be administered by any professional.

  • Methadone is offered in liquid form that people need to swallow but Suboxone is a thin pill, pinkish in colour, and must be placed beneath a person’s tongue until it dissolves completely. We can thus conclude that both are user-friendly.

  • Methadone is noted for having no ceiling effect. In other words, dosage can be increased in severe cases, and doing so would safely stop cravings and alleviate withdrawal symptoms to a great extent. On the contrary, Suboxone has ceiling effect, which means even if dosage is increased, it would unfortunately produce no additional effect.

  • Finally, yet importantly, people can rely upon Suboxone and Methadone and if abused, both medications can cause certain adverse side-effects.  

Highly proficient and experienced professionals working in top Suboxone Treatment Clinics of Providence have said that above discussion provided substantial amounts of information about both drugs, hence, contemporary consumers are free to choose any as per their requirement, convenience, and budget.

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