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It is pretty common these days to require some help when it comes to dealing with a strong enemy such as opioid addiction. Every single day this common enemy is claiming the lives of adults and teenagers both. Since the year 1990, the death rates due to addiction have tripled. So, fighting the tendencies of addiction might just be most important at this point.

Did you know? 1 out of every 5 teens tends to abuse prescription medication and the numbers are increasing. And not just teens but adults are a prey to these tendencies as well. About 130 victims of opioid abuse tend to lose their lives every single day.

This could be considered as an important reason for the popularity of Suboxone treatment clinics Providence. In most cases, people who are victims of opioid abuse put their solid trust and faith on the medication of Suboxone due to the miraculous effects that it has. Also, there is no possibility for a side effect if the dosage is controlled.

With Suboxone medication, the person is able to control the symptoms of withdrawal without any trouble. That is certainly not it because the person is also able to ensure that he/she can completely tackle the cravings for more opioids. So, in a way it can be stated without a doubt that Suboxone medication is a gift to the addicted people so that they can start new.

  • How do I get on Suboxone?

Getting on Suboxone occurs well for chronic opioid and opiate addiction patients. Taken in the prescribed dosage, Suboxone has helped opioid-addicted individuals maintain sobriety successfully, as monitored for a year post-treatment. Suboxone success rates have gradually increased from 40% to 60% and are expected to rise further.

  • How long is it safe to take Suboxone?

Under medical supervision, the intake of Suboxone is practically safe for the prescribed dosages. Typically, addicted individuals have prescribed Suboxone for extended periods like six months or one year, and doctors start to taper off the dosage once they feel that all the recovery and support mechanisms are working full-fledged. Your doctor might also decide to discontinue the treatment once he is satisfied with the results.

  • What are the negative side-effects of Suboxone?

Though mild and prescribed dosage of Suboxone works wonders with extended usage, it is not rid of certain negative side-effects. These include mild opioid withdrawal symptoms like body aches, increased heart rate, and abdominal cramps. The side-effects of headache, disturbance of sleep pattern, dizziness, nausea, insomnia, sweating, anxiety, depression, and constipation are also common.

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